BH Creative / Case Studies


Capturing Panasonic’s technical brilliance. Brendon saw into their vision, to create an advert that would be played across television worldwide. Their intention was to showcase their Television’s superiority and how well they could perform, creating a 4k work of art to be played in shops for promotion. With an eye for detail and perfection, Brendon worked seamlessly with the director James Carry, sourcing everything leading up to the shoot from the studio to the performers and models. Well-versed in cinematography, when it came to choreographing moves for the models and performers Brendon made sure that it aligned perfectly with the correct camera angles, working not only with the director and performers but the technical crew too. Due to not only his technical knowledge but his movement direction too, everyone felt as if he was part of the team and crew; a complete credit to the industry.

Sam Smith

‘Dancing With a Stranger’ by the pop sensations Sam Smith and Normani – A powerful song complimented with a futuristic and abstract music video. Its popularity swept the nation with over 251 million views and counting. The man behind bringing the dancers moves alive in the music video was our founder Brendon. Seeing beyond the vision, he captured the futuristic essence from sourcing models and actors to selecting the location. He journeyed through the whole process with close friend and professional esteemed director Vaughan Armell. Behind the scenes Brendon worked tirelessly to choreograph not only improvised movement, but movement that actors and models without previous dance backgrounds could pick up easily and deliver effortlessly. Working well under the fast-paced environment, Brendon directed movement to the cameras efficiently, therefore saving the production company time and money. Overall he delivered a time effective, dramatic and innovate piece.

Rick Astley

A day to remember. A hive of activity at the studio, as Brendon worked alongside Vaughan Armell. It was their first time working together, and they created a whole music video in the space of a day. They worked side by side, morning to night before the shoot, casting dancers, sourcing the perfect location and devising a seamless schedule. This ensured that on the day everything would run like clockwork, to create Rick Astley’s music video for ‘Beautiful Life’. Time restrictions didn’t impact Brendon’s results. Bursting with energy, he worked hard to motivate, inspire and direct everyone from the dancers to the tech crew, choreographing Rick Astley’s microphone movement and dancing. Upon the huge success of the video, Brendon was invited back again to choreograph and direct their live performance at the Royal Variety Show in 2018. Incorporating elements and moves from the music video, he choreographed a dance piece that tied it all together, projecting the music video behind the dancers, so that both moved in unison. He also made sure that the dancers were in the perfect position for the cameras to shoot the perfect shot, taking onboard all the elements, from stage spacing, lighting, music timing, choreography, camera angles and performance energy, merging them all together to create a show to remember!

Island Records

Island records was on the hunt for a choreographer who thought outside the box, to create for them eye catching and unique moves for their artist. Sourcing Brendon’s skill sets, he failed to didn’t disappoint, delivering them fifty different moves to choose from which they narrowed down to five moves and then expanded on the chosen five from studio to then green screen. Brendon taught the artist the moves, working with them step by step, until the moves were flawless. This resulted in memorable moves, that we are sure without knowing you have danced today.

Miss Supranational

Supranational, an esteemed model contest broadcasted live over the UK. An eye for detail and for drawing out the best in people, Brendon was hired to direct the show from start to finish behind the scenes working with the organiser to cast the models and dancers. Pushing his skills in choreography, he was required to choreograph and teach a five minute dance piece to dancers in two hours. Not a challenge for the faint hearted but taking it in his stride, he succeeded. The dancers knew the piece well, felt confident with the choreography and performed with excellence. Alongside this, within one day of rehearsals, he directed forty models in stage presence and stage direction. Each one left confident in their abilities and knowledgeable in what they needed to do. Fast paced and Hours of fast-paced hard work resulted in a show that left people in awe.

Building A Dancer

From vision to masterpiece. Pulling on his years of experience within the industry, Brendon’s heart has always been for the people, wanting aiming to draw out the best in everyone. Brendon wants to gift people with his knowledge and insight gained over the years. Building a Dancer was born through a vision to create a Youtube Vlog showing how you could become a successful dancer. Blown away by the positive reaction and interest given, it propelled the vlog into a series, which then got showcased in 48 countries around the world, becoming a worldwide success story. Telling a story of an aspiring dancer Yiota, together they created a series that inspired, informed and gave hope to dancers around the world, that through hard work, perseverance and will power to never give up chasing your dreams until it becomes a reality.