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Social Media is a curse and blessing and it’s something you all need as a performer as it has become the go to for agents, casting, directors and even the clients when deciding if they want hire you. Just imagine that you have got through to the final stages of a brand commercial with a crazy buyout and you up against 1 other person and the client can’t decide, out comes the phones. They check your social media and see low quality photos and footage, they see a low engagement rate, they see photos from your night out 🙈. The other candidate has nothing but professional looking images and photos… who are they going to pick?

It’s essential that you treat your social media like your website and only put out a consistent professional image. We have put together some cost effective plans for to boost your social presence and get hired!

Need more images or videos? In your enquiry just let us know how many you need and we can give you a quote. If you need more photos after the shoot it will be charged at £10 for extra photo’s and £20 per extra video.

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20% Discounts if you book both packages.

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